An Exclusive Interview with Chinelo Mgbeadichie, the author of The Ivorian Miracle

Good day Great Naija Authors and Readers! Today we have an exclusive interview with Chinelo Mgbeadichie. She is the Author of The Ivorian Miracle -a fiction novel which is very fascinating to read. Without further ado, let’s get into the interview.

Dear Naijaauthor Introduce yourself, who are you?

Chinelo is a Legal Practitioner, and was born in Ibadan in the early 90’s. Also a Prolific Storyteller who understands that words and their arrangements are the best tools a human can possess. Holding a Master Degree from the University of Buckingham, she currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria, and specializes in the use of words to create imagery, content and deft visual experience.

Dear Naijaauthor what genre of books have you written?

Majorly Crime fiction, I love to use stories to explain legal principles, create ideas, and promote a principle. I have over sixteen books to my credit, Three Novels, one Novella and over twelve short stories including Cheating on the side chick, a Trip to La-La land, Twirls of Karma, Room 287, Man of the South, Gba-the sound of a car kissed, Help, Dear Jerome, Her Royalty, the cunning Beggar with the living imagination, just like me, fire in her eyes amongst others.

Book description

The Ivorian Miracle: What if Jesus was a woman Two sisters find themselves and find love after walking the path of pain, betrayal, and the hate for Christmas… but one Christmas changes it all, and there is light in their dark tunnel again.

To you, what is the best book you’ve written so far?

I am still trying to decide between Mrs. Unmarried and Man of the South.

What’s the best book your audience has read so far?

Most feedbacks I have gotten have been with praise for ‘Behind Dark Clouds’

What is the most complex book you’ve authored so far?

I would say the one I am currently working on, ‘Two deaths; One Murder’

Chinelo Mgbeadichie -biography and an official photography

She is a Legal practitioner with a Master’s degree from the University of Buckingham. She is also a prolific writer and has been named by readers as a natural storyteller for her spontaneity in spinning stories. She was named Author of the week by the fast growing Internet bookstore, Okadabooks, she is also a best selling Author. Most of her works are of crime and legal fiction genre, painting the very unfamiliar courtroom drama in the Nigerian literary world. Her love for crime fiction can easily be linked to her legal background.

She is the author of the best seller Mrs. Unmarried amongst others including ‘Murder at Dawn’, ‘Behind dark clouds’, ‘the Ivorian Miracle’, ‘Man of the South’, ‘Room 287’ and a host of other short stories that are now being transcribed into films and short skits. She lives in Lagos Nigeria.When Chinelo is not writing, she is reading and when she isn’t reading, she is watching a movie and when she is not taking part in these past times she is dancing, laughing or chatting with a friend in a airy field with a lot of nature.

Describe your journey as a writer in a few sentences.

Honestly it hasn’t exactly been a smooth sail, there have been a lot of gridlocks, many failed attempts, many rejections and then the sweet successes. Don’t I love it when readers reach out to me from other African countries? It gives me comfort that I am doing something right.

What role does self-publishing have in your writing career?

Self-publishing has actually been my plunge. As it is many traditional publishers are focused on money not content. To them it does not really matter how good your content is but how much money can be made from you.

What problems did you experience while writing?

Mostly time. There is so much begging for your attention, and then there is the need to make money. When you haven’t made your big break, you really have to juggle between spending time doing what you love and making money.

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What is your advice to aspiring writers?

Writing requires endurance and information. The question is, what is your knowledge and experience base and how can you put them into good use?

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As you can see, Chinelo Mgbeadichie is a great writer who has gained fame and the love of her readers all over the world! You can follow her for more update or chat her up via the following social media handles.

Twitter: @ciscadichie Instagram: @ciscadichie Facebook: @nelomgbeadichie

There you have it, an exclusive interview with Chinelo Mgbeadichie. Click here for more books, more from Naija Authors and to get more advice on self-publishing.

Also remember, let creativity be your pen, Naija Authors!

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