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Hello there! Once again we at Naija Authors have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with another classic interview with a renowned author. Today’s interview is with Glory Abah the author of the book titled “The Art of Writing Fiction.” Stick around so you can get the full details of the Interview.

Dear Naijaauthor, please introduce yourself, who are you?

My name is Glory Abah, I am a published author, a Creative Writing Coach, and an editor. I am a graduate of Mass Communication and a booklover through and through. Most of the time, I read fiction every day and my favourite genres are romance, thrillers, and literary fiction. I also ghostwrite books.

Dear Naijaauthor, how many books have you written?

I have written 5 books. Damona and Other Stories is an anthology of short, suspenseful stories. Destination is a novella about a teen girl who has to rescue her siblings from a gang of organ harvesters.

The Ones in my Head is a psychological thriller about a girl living with multiple personality disorder. Diary of a Wallflower is my debut novel about a girl dealing with self-esteem issues and battling with a love triangle. The Art of Writing Fiction is a textbook guide for fiction writers to write engaging and captivating stories.

What genre of books have you written?

I write romance, thrillers, and creative non-fiction.

To you, what is the best book you have written so far?

The best book I’ve written so far is The Art of Writing Fiction. This book has gotten many positive reviews on how helpful and insightful it was, especially for writers who are still struggling with the beginning phase.

What’s the most complex book you’ve authored so far?

The Ones in my Head is a very complex story. It follows a girl who shares her body with 2 other occupants. She has multiple personality disorder and she is on the run from the police and some thugs, though she does not know why. It is very complex because these personalities take over the body at inopportune times and things get messy. It was complex writing about three distinct characters in one body in many intriguing situations.

Book description

Fiction demands a ruthless and immediate command of the attention and emotion of the reader or audience. This is an art that very few writers can manage to develop on their own. The Art of Writing Fiction is a book that seeks to help writers hone and refine their storytelling skills. It is a complete guide for treading the waters of fiction. This book has outlined clear guidelines, tips and tricks for writing entertaining and arresting stories successfully without holding back any details.

Dear Naijaauthor, please describe your journey as a writer in a few sentences

Writing has been a learning experience for me. At the beginning, I wrote because I loved to write. Then I wanted to profit from it and that took me on another journey. I discovered self-publishing and digital publishing. By the time I ventured into traditional publishing and the rejections started piling, I almost gave up. But I didn’t. I continued and today, I am a published author.

What role does self-publishing have in your writing career?

Self-publishing has given me power and freedom. Even though I am published, I still write and self-publish some of my books. I also continue to submit to traditional publishers. Self-publishing has given writers the gift of an option. Many writers would have given up after years of rejection. But with self-publishing, you have the power to publish your book and profit from it directly, without relying or waiting on any publisher.

What problems do you experience while writing?

Writing is a lonely journey and it has its good moments where you feel like a genius. Then it has its down moments where you feel like an impostor. That impostor feeling can keep one down for weeks.

Luckily, I have readers and writers who constantly reach out to me. This always strengthens me.

What is your advice to aspiring writers?

Write every day. Don’t give up, there is money in writing. Submit to as many literary magazines and publishers as you can. Most importantly, read and read as often as possible. It is the best way to learn.

Author’s biography

Glory Abah is a writer and a Creative Writing Coach with a passion for educating writers and grooming their skills. She organises several trainings and workshops yearly to reach out to more and more writers. Her vision is to build a generation of writers that will populate the world with diverse African stories.

Here are some links from which you can purchase her book

The Art of Writing Fiction: https://rb.gy/phkl34

 Diary of a Wallflower: https://rb.gy/xx6q0y

You can also reach out to her on the following social media handles:

IG: @iamgloryabah

Twitter: @gloryabah

There you have it, an exclusive interview with Glory Abah. Click here for more books, more from Naija Authors and to get more advice on self-publishing.

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