“I always desire to see God in my speech” -Aaron Fikayomi

Hello there! its another weekend, and Naijaauthors is glad to present you with another exclusive interview; this time with Aaron Fikayomi. Aaron Fikayomi is a gifted writer and author who has made her mark in the educational, financial and spiritual industry through literature. Stick around to know more about Aaron Fikayomi and her amazing career.

Dear Naijaauthor please introduce yourself, who are you?

Aaron Fikayomi is an author, a book project consultant and writer par excellence whose works have blessed thousands of people. She has written and facilitated online lectures on different topics including the Christian faith, self-esteem, overcoming trauma, child abuse and parenting. I have always desired to see God glorified in my speech, writing and books. Life is all about God, you know. People call me a lady with a physical defect, but I see myself as a testament of grace. 

What genre of books have you written? Or How many books have you written?

I have written three books all in e-copy. Two of the books, Dear Mummy and Invisible Seeds were written as a nonfiction parenting book. The third book, Waiting In Pain was written to encourage others in a plight of pain and about to give up. There’s hope for them. I believe. 

What is the most complex book you’ve authored so far?

The most complex and challenging book I have written so far is “Crushed.” It is yet to be published. I had issues understanding how to write a memoir without painting the characters as evil. There were also worries about the reactions it would bring, but I bless God for sending people my way who has inspired me to push on with its production. I trust God for provision to perfect it and have it on sale as a hard copy book for all. 

Dear Naijaauthor, what role has self-publishing played in your journey as an author?

Traditional publishing has been quite difficult. I really do not have a laptop and using an almost dead phone to produce my books was all by the grace of God. I’m really reclusive and reaching out for help? Well, I just “couldn’t can” as I was worried about rejection and the cost of editing and book design. Everything came with a price that I couldn’t afford. I haven’t tried self-publishing yet, but I’m hoping to do so soon.

What is your advise to aspiring authors?

My advice to aspiring Authors is simple… Do not permit your circumstances to limit you. There’s a message inside you, pour it out in writing, attend writing seminars, and keep the hopes alive. Don’t limit yourself by people’s reactions, put your best to what you are doing and see how they will come in search of what God has deposited in you. 

Author Biography

Fikayomi blesses people and helps them develop a positive approach to life by putting her personal experiences to words in memoirs, poems and stories. She has a dream of seeing a smile on every face that has at one time suffered from hurt. Orphans, children living with disabilities and people living with ailments are inspiration for her to write more, do more and pray more. She believes that everyone can live in good health and prosperity by the blood of Jesus and its healing power. Fikayomi writes from Egbe, Kogi State, Nigeria. She is the Author of Invisible Seeds and Dear Mummy.

Here are some links from which you can purchase her book

My books can be obtained on Amazon: 

Fikayomi Books

And on Okada books:

Okada books

You can reach me on Facebook with the name Aaron Fikayomi. You can also send a mail to aaronfunmi@gmail.com to request a copy. 

IG: @iamfikayomi

Twitter: @AAFikayo

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