Interview with Rahina Idris, author of Boundless

About the Author (Rahina Idris)

My name is Rahina Idris. I am the founder of Ducis Consulting an organization focus on Leadership development and personal growth. I am a Success Mindset Coach. A certified Coach/Trainer/Speaker and a member of the John Maxwell Team. I also have a certification in Behavioral Analysis and Roundtable facilitation. I help my clients discover and deploy their inner power to build profitable businesses and live a purposeful life.

About the Book (Boundless)

Boundless is a self-help book and it is my only book published in June 2020.

I always admired writers. Secretly I wished I could write too, but I always thought I was terrible at it. So I never imagined myself writing a book. I had the habit of writing to express myself but I always tore the pieces because I didn’t want anyone to see how terrible my writing was. I had no idea this was a limiting belief until someone read something I’d written and said; you write very well you should consider writing a book. I really didn’t believe him but I started exploring and that was how I became comfortable and began my journey as a writer. 

When I started writing my book I decided to self publish. Being my first book, I had to research to find out the options available to me and I found myself comfortable with the idea of self-publishing. There were a lot of decisions I had to make and I had moments where I wasn’t sure whether I was doing it right but I kept going and it paid off. I reached out to as many publishers as possible to find one that I felt more comfortable with.

Problems I experienced as a writer

Sometimes, I experienced writer’s block, I had a concept in mind, but I got stuck at different points. I also struggled at first with the structure, but I took a short course that helped me. When I started writing, I was just dumping but when I took the program, it helped me create an outline for all the chapters which made it a lot easier to write because I had the big picture.

My advice to aspiring writers is to be very clear about your idea or topic from the beginning and create a content map. Make it a habit to write daily, it could be a few sentences or just ideas in your jotter. There are tons of communities out there for writers, find one you can plug into for inspiration, questions, and support through your journey. It will go along way.




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