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Hello! Once again, we bring you an exclusive interview from your favorite authors and publishers; in this interview, we had a discussion with Rita Egbo Amaka. For more information, please stick around and read further.

Dear Naijaauthor please introduce yourself

My name is Rita Egbo Amaka from Delta state, Nigeria. I’m a chef, writer, wife and mother.

Author’s Biography

Rita Egbo Amaka is a chef, writer, wife and mother. She holds a degree in mass communication and public relations from Delta state university and had later worked in Nigeria’s foremost publishing company, Longman Nigeria PLC for about a decade before she veered into the hospitality industry to chase her dreams of becoming a chef after obtaining a diploma in cookery from the international center for culinary arts, Dubai. Writing is one of her passions and this is her first published book.

What Genre of books do you write?

Nigerian fiction.

Dear Naijaauthor, what is the best book you have written so far?

Desperate Desires

What is your most complex and best audience book so far?

Desperate Desires being my first and only book for now.

Book Description

This is an intricate tale of true love, violence, deceit and death. Susan, A 38 years old woman, is in desperate search for a husband. Her life as a spinster is tormented by different men who pierce through her cocoon only to leave her anguished. She undergoes various travails of womanhood which catapults her into a world of turbulent desolation! Will she survive the burdens of womanhood unscathed?  Read on to find out in this unnerving story…

Dear Naijaauthor, please can you describe yout journey as a writer?

My journey as a writer has been amazing.  Although writing requires a lot of emotional and mental energy which can be draining sometimes.

Dear Naijaauthor, what role has self-publishing played in your success as an Author?

Self publishing plays an important role because it has given me and many other authors a chance to sell their stories to the world.

What problems do you face as an Author?

A major problem sometimes is writer’s block, a situation where a writer gets stuck on a word or story plot.

What is your advice to aspiring writers?

To aspiring writers, I would advise you just go ahead and write down your imaginations. The story can always be edited and structured as time goes on. But first, start by write!

There you have it, an exclusive interview with Rita Amaka Egbo, a prolific writer. Here is a link to her book: Desperate Desires.











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