Rachel Adelekan advises young authors to write from their Heart

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Dear Naijaauthor, please introduce yourself

My name is Rachel Adelekan, a writer and lover of words, and work as an Operations Officer. I belong to a Non-Profit counseling Organization. I am also an Author of ‘The Book of Messages’ which is my first title. My 2nd title will be released soon ( Letters to my Man)

Dear Naijaauthor, how many books have you written so far?

I have written 2 books so far, 1 is released and the other is about to be released.

Dear Naijaauthor, what is your best book rated by your audience?

The best book my audience have read is my second title, which is in a podcast series ( Letters to my man). However, The book of messages has gained more attention since i started the prophetic podcast making it known and accessible.

Book Description

It’s a book of messages as directed by the Spirit of the living God powered by Akirisore the good doer. In the cold night of Feb 10, 2018 as I sort the face of God as I always do, interceding. I heard Holy spirit say to me

‘ I AKIRISORE have landed in your midst to do mighty good to all who believe in me.” He said I am anointed to do good will to all whose voice has been raised to me. Acts 10:38.

Go tell it dear child that I am here, I have landed, go tell the good news, the assurance I have given you today. I will use my word to do good, it will be as gathering of wood and the answers will be the fire, the manifestations. I gather the wood, the WORD and AKIRISORE works via it and the answer will bring fire on the WORD! 

AKIRISORE working via the WORD located received and believed.

Rachel Adelekan, what is the most complex you have written so far?

I don’t know if I have released a complex book yet. But to be honest I have to say both titles have been for me. In truth, who put together a book of messages? Who writes letters to the man she has not met. But believes to meet and put the letter out the world?

Describe your journey as a writer and author

My Journey as a writer has been a learning experience for me. I started from not having any basic knowledge of putting articles together. Then sitting down and putting a book together by the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit. And going further to writing a second one and the 3rd is in prep.

What role does self-publishing play in your career?

Self Publishing plays a role in my writing career. I engage the services of a publisher for my 1st and 2nd title.

What problems do you experience while writing?

Problem I experience while writing is having too much inside of me to put into words. Also wanting to explain myself in the simplest of ways, being real, and being me. I didn’t want to show my weakness. I never intended to let the world into my world; but i had to and i love it.

What is your advice to aspiring authors?

My advice to aspiring writers is that they should write from the heart. Whatever they write about, their heart should be portrayed in it.

Author’s Biography

Rachael holds 2 degrees in Human Resource Management from University of Lagos. I also attended Covenant University, a Diploma degree in Psychology from University of Lagos.  She served as the Administrator for Covenant University Alumni Association 2010-2014. Rachel also volunteered for HOPE FOUNDATION an NGO focused on raising future leaders in teens, community development and sponsorships

Rachel is currently serving as a Counselor in an NGO called The Fellowship12 Network, a private Counseling platform for ladies. It focused is on Recovery, Discovery and Empowerment of youths towards purposeful living. She is a thorough Administrator, an HR consultant, Customer experience & Operations expert with high level of professionalism

Other things you should know about her

Rachael’s engagement are centered on People Management, Women Empowerment, Training and Coaching in the workplace. Also work life balancing, Counseling of young ladies, volunteering. She holds a Human Resource Practitioners License. Which was acquired from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria and also Associate member of the institute ( ACIPM). A Member of the institute of Training and Development ( MITD) and a Member of International Association of Administrative Professionals ( IAAP). The Chief Operations Officer at A Wise Woman Hub, an Organization. Its mission to Beautify, Educate and Empower African Woman

This woman has spent the last few years listening and delivering the message of Akirisore as commanded. She does this through her Instagram page which in turn has produced ‘’the book of messages’’ her assignment. She is a writer, seasoned speaker and the author of The book of Messages. Her first title and her 2nd title ‘’ Letters to my Man ‘’ will be released shortly.

Rachel Anuoluwaposimi Adelekan is a natural leader and a people lover. She seeks to make complex things simple and achievable. Her passion is to help young people develop zeal to fulfill their lives purpose. She is blessed with 2 amazing sons.

There you have it, an exclusive interview with Rachel Adelekan, a great and inspiring author. Here are some links to her books:

Book of Messages

You can chat with her via the following handles:

twitter: @adelekanrachael

Instagram: @rachaeladelekan

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