“Stay focused! Life throws a lot of challenges” -Tracey Ikpeama

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Tracey Ikpeama

Introduce yourself, who are you?

My name is Tracey Ikpeama Sokoya. I am married with three children, based in the UK. I am a Food entrepreneur, Food writer, Blogger @traycees.com & a children’s recipe books author. 

What genre of books have you written? Or how many books have you written?

I have published two children’s recipes cook books

To you, what is the best book you’ve written so far? 

Oh wow, I have enjoyed writing both books! 

– Quick & Tasty Kids recipes for Busy Mums

– My Quick & Tasty Lunch Pack recipes

What’s the best book your audience has read so far?

I would say maybe the first one? Simply because it was published earlier and is targeted at Busy mums with your children

What is the most complex book you’ve authored so far? 

I haven’t authored any complex books so far. My focus is around children & families meals…keeping it simple, quick, healthy & tasty!

Describe your journey as a writer in a few sentences

Explorational, Exciting,  Educational

What role does self-publishing have in your writing career?

A huge role! My books have been self published so far

What problems did you experience while writing?

Brain block.. sometimes I can run out of creative ideas and need to inspire meself to get back on writing

What is your advice to aspiring writers?

Hmm, stay focused! Life throws in a lot of challenges so that you find yourself battling through them! You lose out on time & creativity to write meaningfully.

Here are some links to Tracy Ikpeama Sokoya’s books:

IWOP UK Gold Business of the year 2015

Author 2016- Kids Recipe Book For Busy Mums- 

Do you need help with spicing up your cooking? Please check out this link: http://traycees.com/23-herbs-spices-and-seasoning-ebook/ ;
R.E.E.B A Awards Start Up Business of the Year 2017
Author-2018- My Quick & Tasty Lunch Pack recipes

Member- National Association of Care Caterers (UK)

There you have it, an exclusive interview with Tracey Ikpeama Sokoya, a great and inspiring author. You can check out some of our other exclusive interviews by clicking here! If you’re an aspiring writer, check out these articles which will help you improve.

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